The ‘Wart Log’ – Entourage 2008

While I prefer Entourage 2008 to Leopard’s, it’s by no means perfect. Things to bug me so far are:

  • When entering new calendar appointments in Month view, they don’t always appear straight away. You have to scroll past the date of the new appointment so that it’s no longer visible, then scroll back to see it.
  • If you simply change the time format in System Preferences to Short or Medium with the 12-hour clock and AM/PM indicators, Entourage will completely ignore the setting and use a 24-hour clock … unless you edit the AM/PM string in your International Settings. Took me days to uncover that bug!
  • If you have the Preview Pane set to ‘Below List’ then sometimes when adjusting the size of the Preview window using the horizontal divider, the Preview window disappears completely! You have to go to the Preview Pane window and select Below List again for it to reappear.
  • The Address Book is just plain UGLY! I suppose making it look at least as nice as Outlook 2007 would have been too much to ask.
  • Actually, the same goes for the Calendar. In fact the whole application is generally bland and lacking compared with its Windows cousin.

Perhaps Entourage 2012 will address this, although I’m not banking on it. Maybe by then I’ll be using webmail exclusively?


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