Either/Or! (Wireless-N/Gigabit)

Wireless-N, the latest greatest (well as soon as it’s ratified) wireless technology that every router manufacturer is boasting about. Wireless speeds “twelve times as fast as Wireless-G” they tell us, and suddenly we can’t live without it. So, make a note of this – you can get wireless throughput of up to 300Mbits.

Right, Gigabit ethernet. Been around for ages and costs a fraction more than the older standard 10/100 devices, so your wired machines can talk at up to 1000Mbits.

Now, look through the specifications for practically every Wireless-N router on the market. They all come with 4 port switches built in, and what speed do these switches offer for your wired devices? Gigabit? NO…. (sound of head being banged against wall!). They all have measly 10/100 switches, so any transfer between a wireless and wired device is going to be throttled down to a maximum of 100Mbits. Brilliant – who thought that one up?