What I miss about Windows…

(Or rather, part #102 of my Love/Hate relationship with the beleaguered OS).

As I settle down with the slippers, favourite armchair, warm cocoa and roaring fire of the computing world (my Mac Pro), there are some things that I still miss about my Windows machine…

  • Having to install and configure a decent firewall. ZoneAlarm is generally accepted as the best one out there (despite what CheckPoint have done to customer service). No more will I have to pay £19.95 ($39.95) a year to protect my PC from the outside world, and battle with the mysterious settings when things don’t work as they should.
  • Having to install antivirus software to tackle the almost inevitable onslaught of malicious code. NOD32 was one of the good guys in my fight against the common virus, so what can I do with the £26.99 ($52) a year that I’ll save?
  • I haven’t forgotten Webroot SpySweeper, a most excellent tool at trapping all sorts of spyware before it became a problem. Sorry Webroot, that’s £15 ($29.95) a year you won’t be getting from me.
  • Taking security really seriously, Primary Response Safe Connect can spot new malicious programs simply by their behaviour, stealing a lead on any new threat before the antivirus authors have created new definitions for them. I was loaded to the gunnels in my fight against malware with this beauty at just £34.95 ($70) a year.

Damn, that’s an extra £96.89 ($194) a year I now have to find a way to spend on other things. Yes I know you can save money by buying suites that combine these functions, but I always went for best of breed in each particular area to give myself the best chance of fighting off the ever present dangers of our connected world.

There’ that’s a weekend break away, courtesy of my Mac. The wife (if I had one) will have to pay for herself!