FolderShare – another poor relation?

Having done more searching on the subject, it seems like there isn’t a solution to the encryption problem with the Mac version of FolderShare. It goes like this:

  • If you want to use FolderShare to sync files between a Windows PC and a Mac, then you must turn off encryption, at both ends. Your files will be transmitted across the web unencrypted.
  • It’s a long standing problem that many people have raised, although it appears Microsoft have no stated intention of doing anything about it. It might work in a future version, it might not. Who knows.
  • The cause is believed to be in the way the different operating systems implement encryption natively. Windows uses 128 bit RC4 while OS X uses 256bit AES.
  • For your own security and peace of mind you might like to consider encrypting the files (e.g. using TrueCrypt which runs both on Windows and OS X) or at least password protecting the files (e.g. using passwords for Word/Excel docs, etc.) if practical.

I’ve complained about Outlook vs. Entourage, I’ve complained about the Windows version of Messenger vs.Microsoft the Mac version, and now I’m moaning about the Windows version of FolderShare vs. the Mac version. Trouble is, if Microsoft stepped up to the mark where their Mac users are concerned, there wouldn’t be anything for me to moan about!

There are of course alternatives to FolderShare, although many that double up as a backup solution aswell as sync’ing will carry a subscription cost element too. You could check out DropBox, Elephant Drive, Carbonite and SugarSync. I’ll add more as I find them.


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