Can Entourage come and play today…?

I don’t mind admitting it.  I’m disorganized.  I make plans, agree meetings, promise I’ll do things, and with the best will in the world I have every intention of doing them… and then I get distracted. So, back in the days when Windows Mobile first appeared on mobile phones, I bought myself a SmartPhone and found that by plugging it in to my PC I could get the appointments, reminders, etc., out of Outlook 2003 and on to the phone. It felt great, being able to make appointments and then my phone or PC bleeping a reminder and the two always being in step.

Calendar SyncSince then a work laptop running Lotus Notes 8.0 has been added to the mix and I upgraded to Outlook 2007, and well to cut a long story short I now keep Lotus Notes, Outlook and my phone in step by using Google Calendar (gCal) and three nifty little connectors which work very well – CompanionLink for Google to sync Notes and gCal, Google Calendar Sync to sync gCal and Outlook, and ActiveSync to sync Outlook to my phone. Brilliant! Wherever I am I can now get my reminders or update my calendar and it will appear everywhere else… except on my new Mac!

Now I know you’re going to say there are tools out there that sync gCal to iCal, but a while ago I decided for better or worse to give Entourage 2008 a try. Ok, yes you can get Entourage to sync with iCal which could in turn sync with gCal, but I’ve read posts as recent as March this year saying that it’s a good way to end up with a corrupt calendar – for some reason the three of them won’t play in the same yard.

So that leaves me looking for somehing that will do bi-directional sync’ing between Entourage 2008 and gCal. Something that’s easy to set up and that works reliably, but so far there seems to be… well nothing that fits the bill. So is Entourage out in the cold, and is this particular horse that I’m flogging about to keel over so that iCal can race past to the finish line?  Well, I haven’t done looking – yet.

Oh and I haven’t neglected my search for the perfect Mac Music Manager, I’m still looking. I’m currently testing out a program called Jaikoz Audio Tagger which has lots and lots of features and lets you edit pretty much any ID3 tag field. However there’s one aspect of it that concerns me, and concerns me enough to think that if this is the best that’s on offer for the OS X platform in terms of tagging applications, then I may just end up sticking with running Tag&Rename under VMWare Fusion. We’ll see…

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for mentioning us on your blog! I’m glad our product is working out for your Lotus Notes to Google Calendar sync!

    For your iCal sync needs, have you tried Spanning Sync?

    The CompanionLink Team

  2. Yes, CompanionLink for Google was simplicity itself to install and configure and it works perfectly. I would highly recommend it to anyone using Lotus Notes.

    It seems Spanning Sync relies on Entourage sync’ing with iCal, and then Spanning Sync does the necessary to sync iCal with Google calendar. However, people are reporting that this particular arrangement leads to your calendars getting corrupted, entries getting duplicated and dropped, and so on.

    I think Spanning Sync were going to look at this in more detail once they’d got v1.2 out the door, so I’m watching their blog to see what happens.

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