The day my calendar died…

Following on from my foolish attempt to get my Entourage calendar synchronized with my Outlook/Notes calendars via Google calendar, I am pleased to report that the whole misguided affair managed to screw up my calendar completely!

It is fair to say that this might have been the result of my understanding the options shown in the CalGoo Connector. You see one of the options in CalGoo is to specify over what time period you want to sync events, so for example you can choose to:

  • Sync all events
  • Sync all future events and only past events going back a week

…and so on. Originally I chose to sync all events and as stated in my earlier post, that resulted in duplicate entries popping up everywhere. So having given that up as a bad bet, I decided to run one last sync but this time choosing the option in CalGoo to only sync events up to one week in the past and all future events. Now read that sentence again…

“sync events up to one week in the past and all future events”

I wasn’t expecting what happened next and that is – “sync events up to one week in the past and all future events AND DELETE ALL EVENTS OLDER THAN ONE WEEK AGO“. That’s right, unfortunately CalGoo didn’t ignore any events older than a week ago as I had hoped, it DELETED them, and just in case, there’s the proof. Deleted!

To add to my frustration, there’s no CANCEL button in CalGoo like there is in Google Calendar Sync, so I just had to sit there helpless and watch it delete everything older than a week. There they were, gone – Entourage, iCal and Google Calendar were devoid of any events prior to a week ago which, if like me you refer to past events for information, was well… inconvenient to say the least (that wasn’t the actual word I was using at the time!).

Fortunately I had my Get Out Of Jail Free card, or so I thought. My Outlook 2007 calendar on my PC was still intact, so I switched to my PC and changed the Google Calendar Sync program to do a one-way push of all my Outlook events back to Google. For whatever reason, it decided that wasn’t going to happen and the process sat there attempting to sync for the next few hours with the progress meter stuck on 28%. I cancelled the sync and retried it a couple of times but without any luck.

AppZapperIn the end, I deleted my entire Google calendar and started from scratch doing one final push of my Outlook calendar to Google and it worked! All my events were back, and now Notes, Outlook and Google are all happily synchronizing again. Needless to say my trial version of CalGoo Connector has been switched off for now.

So, if you’re thinking of trying to get Entourage 2008 to play the sync game with Google Calandar, my advice is to make sure you have a safe copy of your calendar somewhere else that you can recover from if everything doesn’t go according to plan. Meanwhile I may be dropping a note to the CalGoo guys to get clarification on the above option and suggesting that they re-word that particular option in their application, or at least pop up a message warning the user that their past is about to be erased if that’s what that option is designed to do.

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  1. Hi Robin,

    This is very abnormal behavior. We’d like to offer you support in solving this issue. If you could please contact us at we’ll get our tech guru’s on this issue right away.



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