Seeing double… triple… quadruple…

DuplicatesThey’re back!! I’m gone for just a few days and when I get back my Google Calendar and Outlook 2007 are full to bursting with duplicate entries. While I was away only CompanionLink and Google’s own Calendar Sync programs were running, leaving Calgoo Connect and ActiveSync free from blame. Nevertheless, I’m still puzzled as to why the connectors should suddenly start reproducing entries. Sure I can see ‘how’ it happens – it’s because something isn’t recognizing the details of an event properly, and when comparing one calendar to another it decides it needs to create another entry.

You would think that every calendar connector would at the very least look at the date, time and description on an event and if they match, would flag it as a possible duplicate and not add it again. Obviouly this isn’t happening, or the date/timestamp on entries are being misinterpreted. The long and short of it is that without editing my calendars in any way, duplicates are still appearing therefore key information about events is getting lost or scrambled. Fortunately Calgoo Connect contains a de-duplicating feature which you can tune to various criteria (date, time, description, etc.), and I was quickly able to use this to strip over 1,500 duplicate entries out of Google and thus Outlook 2007 and iCal as well.

Ideally I would like to make changes to just ONE calendar and to push those changes out to the others. Alas it would have to be Lotus Notes as that’s where I receive meeting invites, etc. for work, and for anyone who has used Notes will know – it’s cumbersome and a bit quirky when it comes to calendar features. So for now I’m still stuck with this mixtures of calendars for when I’m at work, at home or out and about. Perhaps what I need is a secretary, but in the meantime I shall continue to look for calendar nirvana and if I find it I’ll let you know.

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