PC World and a large pinch of salt

I have to wonder when I see PC World advertising on the TV. You’d think they were giving stuff away by the amount of claims they make about being the cheapest UK retailer going. However, it’s not difficult to look through their catalogue of products and find many of them at significantly cheaper prices elsewhere. For example, within 5 minutes I was able to find the following:

  • PC World Belkin 2m Snagless Ethernet Cable £14.98 – Overclockers Belkin 3m Snagless Ethernet Cable £2.34. SAVING £12.64 off the PC World price.
  • PC World BFG nVidia 8800GT 512Mb PCIe Card £169.99 – Overclockers BFG nVidia 8800GT 512Mb PCIe Card £123.36. SAVING £46.63.
  • PC World Hitachi 1Tb Deskstar OEM Hard DIsk £199.99 – Overclockers Hitachi 1Tb Deskstar OEM Hard Disk £144.51. SAVING £55.48.

That’s well over £100 ($200) extra you would pay by buying three common items from PC World, and if I had the inclination I could probably list many many more examples.

Surely PC World must know this? They must know that while they might be cheaper on some big headline items like printers, laptops, and the like, they are raking it in on the hundreds of smaller items. Items that unsuspecting shoppers might happily add to their orders when in store, thereby negating any savings on the headline items they’ve just bought.

All I can say is – don’t be taken in by the slick adverts and do your homework. Much of what you buy in relation to computers and electronics can be installed and used without too much difficulty. Don’t be afraid to do your research, find cheaper online retailers and enjoy the savings. What’s more, pretty much most of what you can buy has been bought before and written about by someone else, so it’s easy to find hints and tips when you need them.

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