The new improved Entourage 2008…

…same as the old improved Entourage 2008?

MicrosoftIt’s always interesting to see what’s new when Microsoft releases an update for their Office products, and Office 2008 is no different. So if you can’t contain your excitement any longer, have a look here to see how much better Entourage 2008 is going to be as a result of the latest 12.1.1 update released June 24th.

Scroll down the list, past the many improvements for Word, Excel and PowerPoint and you’ll finally arrive at… tada…!! ONE solitary change to Entourage to fix a problem when exiting sleep mode. Unfortunately, no fix for the calendar time display problem then? Ok, how about doing something with the database daemon to make it easier to get reliable backups of your Entourage data? How about a fix for the ‘new calendar entry display bug’? (That’s when new calendar entries won’t appear in month view until you scroll ahead of your current view and then back again).

Seriously though, I’m not expecting anything significant to change in Entourage 2008 until the next major release of Office for the Mac in 2012 perhaps. Talking of which, I hoping that the Mac team at Microsoft will listen to their customers and start adding the features Entourage so obviously lacks to make it the killer Mac email client. Surely it can’t be beyond them to spend a while looking at what’s in Outlook 2007 and adding it to Entourage 2012? Well how about gathering feedback from business and home Entourage users as to what they’d like to see? It’s all achievable, just don’t ask me to bet money on it happening.

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