Which? Magazine on video editing software

Final Cut ExpressI’ve been a long time subscriber to the Consumer Association’s Which? magazine. For advice on a wide range of things they save you the trouble (and costly mistakes) when it comes to buying a range of products and services. Every so often they test computer related items and I’ve learned that they sometimes miss the ball a bit in this field, and lack the depth of many computer publications.

I was therefore interested to see that in the July 2008 issue they reviewed video editing software along with digital camcorders. I flicked through to page 56 thinking it’s a foregone conclusion, I already know which program will win. I was wrong! The top four packages were:

  1. Adobe Premiere Elements 4 (Windows)
  2. Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8 (Windows)
  3. Corel Ulead Video Studio 11.5 Plus (Windows)
  4. Magix Movie Edt Pro 14 Plus (Windows)

There was also mention of Windows Movie Maker Vista Version and Windows Movie Maker (PC) or iMovie 08 (Mac) as good free alternatives. Well at least the Mac got a look in with iLife 08, but that was it. Final Cut Express 4.0 didn’t even get a mention, in fact they didn’t even include it in the review, wheras they reviewed a variety of Windows packages I’ve never even heard of.

I find it hard to take a review of Video Editing software seriously when it includes just one Mac offering. It seems to show a lack of awareness of the computer market, Apple’s rapidly expanding market share, and the Mac’s acknowledged role as a great platform for all manner of media applications, not just video editing. This just serves to reinforce my belief that if you want reviews of computer software then listen to computer experts.

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