Google Calendar Sync the culprit?

Another chapter in the search for calendar synchronization that works. Having switched off all my calendar connectors and having cleared up all the duplicates, I enabled Google’s own Calendar Sync utility and let it do it’s thing. Suddenly I had about three years worth of calendar events duplicated all over my Outlook 2007 calendar! Just out of interest I deleted one of the duplicated entries and asked Google Calandar Sync to run again. This time it warned me that I was about to delete 17 entries out of my Google calendar, which I let it do.

Then without adding, deleting or changing any events in any calendar, I ran Google Calendar Sync again. This time it warned me it was going to delete 18 entries from Google. Where on earth has it got these 18 new deletions from?! The version of Google Calendar Sync that I’m using (that I have always used in fact) is the one that’s supposed to have this issue fixed. By ‘issue’ I mean the problem of it causing duplicates when you are using other connectors to sync Google calendar with other calendars, like CompanionLink and Calgoo Connect for example.

I am almost at the point of giving up on this whole calendar synchonization game. My next task is to try and remove all the duplicates from Outlook. I’m hoping I can find a utility somewhere as the thought of spending hours manually clearing up three years worth of entries is somewhat daunting. The problem I then face is how this duplicate removal will then propagate from Outlook into Google and then into Notes and iCal/Entourage.

I don’t eny me!