Little 3G bundles of joy

August 2008 saw me taking another holiday, writing very little in this blog, and becoming the proud owner of a 16Gb Apple iPhone 3G courtesy of O2 UK. Sigh, it’s a hard life…

Now I won’t even attempt to write an iPhone review, simply because so much has already been said about this gadget that I could do little to add to it. However, there’s more to iPhone ownership so a few words about accessories and other experiences will creep into these pages, starting with my search for a case to keep my shiny little phone, well…. shiny! Enter the Beyzacases SlimLINE VSL20 Vertical Leather Case.

It falls into the category of ‘slip’ cases that you have to remove before using the phone. At $33.50 (about £20 for us Brits) it’s a shade above average price for an iPhone case, although I happily found a Coupon Code which got me 20% off. Shipping to the UK (from Turkey) was an extra $6.70 however it turned up within two days of ordering which I’d say is pretty good. This particular case is available in a variety of finishes anc colours and I opted for the ‘smooth’ black one which arrived in a simple black and silver box marked ‘beyzacases – high quality leather cases’.

The case itself is actually very well made, with close even stitching and nicely rounded edges. The leather itself also looks to be good quality and is ‘genuine cow leather’ according to the enclosed invoice, while the lining is a soft synthetic velvet-like fabric designed not to scratch its precious cargo. However the main thing you’ll notice is that the case doesn’t have this sculpted shape designed to fit the contours of the iphone as suggested by the photos on the Beyzacases website. The case is actually a simple flat ‘envelope’ design and so on first using the case you have to push the phone in quite firmly for it to fit, given that the leather hasn’t had the chance to stretch yet. This in turn gives the case an ‘over-stuffed’ appearance with large gaps top and bottom allowing the ingress of dust, dirt and anything else lurking in your pockets. Perhaps with extended use the case will take on the shape of the phone a bit more, but I can only wait and see. That said, if the leather does stretch then it won’t hold the phone as securely and that brings with it its own problems.

Aside from the points above, the case does have a nice look and feel to it that compliments the quality of the iPhone itself. Most of the clip-on hard cases I have seen, while perhaps doing a better job at protection, tend to cheapen the look of the phone. Not so with the SlimLINE case, it looks like a posh wallet or spectacle case and so wouldn’t look out of place on a coffee table next to a Ferrari key fob. If this type of case is what you’re after then I’d recommend it, but only if you don’t mind gambling that it may always look like an over-stuffed wallet.

That’s a 3.5 out of 5 from me!


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