A heart felt plea to Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

I enjoy using my Apple products as much as the next man, and (shock, horror) I also own and use products that have nothing to do with Apple. So why does Apple insist on tainting the experience by forcing me to do things I don’t want to?

Now Steve, I know you are rich beyond most people’s wildest expectations, and I expect that with that

Solar-powered pith helmet

Solar-powered pith helmet

wealth comes certain benefits like not having to do things you don’t want to. But spare a thought fo the guy on the street, the guy who filled your pockets with those iDollars. I mean how would you feel if your spectacles came with a pith helmet, complete with mini-fan, that you were obliged to wear every time you put your spectacles on? And how about those rollneck sweaters that have become your trademark? What if the people who supplied those insisted that you wear a jetpack on your back when wearing your sweater?

Well now you start to understand what it feels like to be an Apple customer.

Yes I use a Mac Pro and I’m very happy with it. Just so happens I also run VMWare Fusion on it so I can fire up MS Outlook every so often, and sure enough as a MobileMe account holder, I’d like yo sync my iCal calendar across to Outlook. But you won’t let me, not unless I install iTunes 8 in Windows aswell – not because it’s necessary, but because it’s another opportunity to get iTunes installed on another computer.

And while we’re on the subject of iTunes – believe it or not I do buy music online from other sources, but iTunes doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge that and won’t give me the ‘watched folders’ facility that practically every other music management software on the planet has.

And how about that iPhone battery? What are my chances of being able to buy a reasonably priced replacement from you and replace it myself? No you’d rather I send it back to Apple through some expensive repair cycle.

I could also mention Mac Mini memory upgrades, and ask why you had to make it so difficult when most computers these days let you do this task in a minute or so?  Or why you’ve chosen to not make a second CPU upgrade available for Mac Pro users who went for the single 4-core option initially?

We could go on, but you get the picture. So why this nasty side? Are things so tight that you’ve got to hold every customer upside down and shake them by the ankles until every last penny falls from their pockets? Surely not. You know you could go down in history as the first ever CEO to do something – invite your customers to tell you in a hundred words or less, what it is that annoys them about Apple and Apple products. Then do something about it. Not these ‘customer feedback’ forms dotted around the Apple website that we’re assured get read, but we suspect just get filed in the bin.

Come on. You’d be happy, your customers would be happy and my life would amount to more than a dash between two dates on a gravestone.