The humble MX mouse

Logitech Control CentreWhat can you say about mice that hasn’t already been said before? As it happens – not much, but there’s a couple of things that spring to mind for Mac users considering an alternative to the (quite frankly dreadful) Apple Mighty Mouse. For almost a year now I’ve been using a Logitech MX Revolution mouse with Mac OS X, and if you want to see a good review of it, albeit with a Windows slant on it, the guys over at Trusted Reviews have already written a far better review than I could ever manage.

Now at first, I was connecting the mouse via Synergy running on a Windows XP machine, meaning that I had basic Mouse Configurationmouse support under OS X but couldn’t program the wheel and left/right buttons to do anything other than their default actions. This all changed when I finally ditched Windows as my primary workstation and connected the mouse directly to my Mac Pro. At that point I was able to load the Logitech Control Centre software for OS X and configure the mouse exactly how I wanted, as unlike my diNovo Edge keyboard it’s fully supported under OS X. The software works well and lets you choose from a variety of options for the various wheels and buttons you get on the MX Revolution.

Blistered mouse!

Blistered mouse!

In use the mouse is as comfortable as ever, being easily the best mouse I have used, and I have no problems getting the mouse to last a week on a single charge. I’d even go as far as saying this is the perfect mouse except for one minor niggle – durability. My MX Revolution is probably a year old and doesn’t get particularly heavy or rough use and so you’d think durability wouldn’t be a problem. However, on the right-hand side of the mouse the finish is a smooth plastic that has a rubberized coating for extra grip. On my mouse this rubberized finish is already ‘blistering’ and peeling off so I’ll probably have to replace it before long. Trouble is, the MX Revolution is so comfortable and pleasant to use that I’ll probably replace it with another one despite this flaw!

I might actually drop Logitech a line and see what they have to say about this, as I’m sure I’m not the only person who has found this. Of course I don’t have the original receipt and so I’m not looking for a refund, but if they say anything interesting I’ll let you know. Hopefully if this is a problem they’re aware of, they might have have improved the process by which they bond the rubberized finish to the plastic. Who knows? As Judge Judy would say – am I getting hung up on the minutiae in life??

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