The ScanSnap S300M just keeps going

Canon ScanSnap S300M 3Now that I’m getting used to the quirks of the software, life with the Fujitsu ScanSnap S300M is becoming a lot better. On the hardware side I can barely fault it as the scanner has reliably munched its way through nearly 2,000 pages of A4 documents, tiny till receipts, crumpled up carbon copies, torn invoices and pretty much anything I can feed through it. There have been only a couple of times when it has mis-fed documents and there’s usually a good reason for it. In one instance a batch of 5 sheets that had been folded together for some time decided to feed through all at once, but after mixing the pages with 5 other sheets I had to scan, the scanner worked perfectly again.

The amount of clutter I’ve cleared out of my study thanks to this little gadget is amazing, and I’ve now got into the habit of scanning most of the documents that arrive on my doorstep that I would otherwise file in some binder and forget about.

One of the things the manual does point out, that you might not think about before buying the scanner is ScanSnap Consumablesconsumables. Chapter 6 of the manual shows a table that states the ‘Pad ASSY’ should be replaced after 10,000 sheets or one year, likewise the ‘Pick Roller’ should be replaced after 100,000 sheets or one year. In my case I’m not likely to hit the threshold on number of sheets scanned, but I can see a year passing before I know it. Where then to find these consumables? A quick Google of UK websites revealed that there’s nowhere in the UK selling these parts, but fortunately there seem to be some US suppliers. To be on the safe side I think I’ll order some spares now rather than wait until the last minute. At $12.99 for the ‘Pad ASSY’ it doesn’t seem too steep, although there’s international shipping to add to that, so I may also buy some of the Fujitsu Cleaning Wipes that the manual recommends for routine cleaning, to make the shipping worthwhile.

So all in all the S300M is turning out to be one of my better computer-related purchases – now if only it were just as easy to scan all the other clutter I’ve got in the house!

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