To hell with market share – why I like the iPhone

Contrary to what you might think, I am not an Apple ‘fanboy’ despite writing this blog about Mac-related bits. There’s plenty I don’t care for in the way Apple conducts it’s business but then that’s the nature of large corporations, they all have something to dislike about them. It’s the fact that they’re all profit-driven faceless (and often feckless) entities that I simply can’t identify with, but hell it doesn’t stop me buying their products and services.

On the backs of these lumbering corporate giants are a million and one parasites, feeding on every rumour, on every 0.1% of a market share change, predicting this, speculating that and criticizing them for the other. If you follow the news at all you can’t help but notice commentators continually spouting about RIM vs. Apple, Microsoft vs. Google, Windows vs. Linux and every other perceived battle that’s going on. Personally, I don’t care if only 30% of people planning to buy a new smartphone are now thinking about getting an iPhone, compared with 34% who want a Blackberry Storm, I mean – why should I?

My choices are usually random and are often spur of the moment. When my ageing Orange SPV C500 decided to give up the ghost I had planned to buy an HTC Touch Diamond to replace it. This had nothing to do market share, I simply though the HTC phone looked neat. Shame then that Orange UK treated me so badly after 10 years of unwarranted loyalty, or that the salesman in the Phones4U shop was so pushy. I walked into the O2 shop, played with the iPhone 3G and thought “that’s fun” and the rest is history.

Does it matter that it’s not perfect? Hell no (in fact I suspect that if ever there was a perfect product it would make lousy news, there would be nothing for people to complain about). Yes the battery life is poor, I don’t like the fact that I’m tied to O2 on an 18 month contract, I think Apple is reaming me by not giving it a user-replaceable battery, and the lack of MMS seems a bit odd. But I don’t care. I don’t care because the phone is still an ‘enabler’ – it’s more now than the lump of plastic & metal I bought back in August. I look up train times, cinema listings, the weather, entertain the kids, check locations, send the odd email, record voice notes and take the odd photo. It seems that more than other phones, the iPhone 3G ‘expands’ to do more and more things where you think “that’s just plain useful”. What’s more I don’t knock the Blackberry Storm or the HTC Touch Whatever and the people who prefer them – each to his own I say.

So that in a nutshell is that. A bit of a waffle and with Christmas just round the corner I hope you all have a wonderful time and that it brings you whatever joys you wish for.

Happy Christmas!