The Apple device that I really want…

People love to kick around rumours about what will be the next killer item to emerge from Apple’s secret labs, and there are quite a few on the go at the moment. An updated Mac Mini with nVIDIA graphics, bigger RAM and hard disk capabilities, 802.11n and some fancy unibody case. A speed-freak Mac Pro based around Intel’s Core i7, updated iMacs and even an Apple Netbook.



Thing is, much as I’d be interested in all of the above, there’s something I’d prefer. Something that’s so far off the radar that it’s not got a mention anywhere, yet something that could replace what I consider to be the nastiest piece of tech to emerge from Apple in recent years. You see I absolutely loathe Apple’s Mighty Mouse. Wired or wireless, it’s an abomination. A triumph of well… something over function! The Mighty Mouse included with my Mac Pro was used for all of three minutes before it was put back in the box and replaced by my Logitech MX Revolution. So what could Apple produce that would make me ditch my Logitech mouse? What would be something so much more useful, and that would fit in with the way they’ve been moving?

A separate multi-touch trackpad that users of the Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro (and maybe even the future nMac) would love. So what are it’s features?

  • Aluminium surround to match the various Macs
  • Large glass trackpad area, say 9″ x 7″
  • Wireless (bluetooth if it’s responsive enough)
  • Rechargeable batteries (chargeable via a USB cable from your Mac)
  • A switch to toggle between multi-touch ‘finger mode’ and a graphic ‘pen mode’
  • Maybe a few slim function keys around the edge, in the same style as the Apple wireless keyboard keys
  • A nicely weighted pen so it can be used as a graphics tablet (in pen mode)

I could imagine Apple selling a version without the pen for a modest price, and the same one but with a pen for a bit more.

Personally I’d love to ditch my mouse and have a MacBook style trackpad to use instead. Basically I’d be able to do all the things MacBook users do with a mere waft of the hand. I know there are a variety of pretty good graphic tablets out there already, but my primary reason for wanting this is more as a mouse replacement with the multi-touch facility, than for drawing and the like. So, if any Apple employees stumble across my little site – feel free to tell your boss you’ve seen this great idea. I don’t want any royalties, I just want the product!

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