Little bundles of… Well, it’s not joy

Having recently added a new hard drive to the Mac, I thought I’d check its ‘SMART’ status just to make sure everything was OK. There’s a neat little app called SMARTReporter that sits on the menu bar and alerts you if any of your drives start to feel a sick – probably long before you experience any data loss. It sends output to the Console at specified intervals, so when I asked for the status of all my drives, SMARTReporter kindly opened the console for me. Having checked everything was normal, I went on to launch to check for mail. As luck would have it, the Console was still open and up popped this message:

08/03/2009 21:29:05 Mail[1322]  DEVONMailConduit 1.2.1 loaded

What? DEVONMailConduit is loading when I launch But I don’t have any DEVON products installed. Ahh, but I did try out DEVONThink Pro a few months back and it seems that even though I thought I’d uninstalled it OK, there were still (quite a few) traces of it left behind. So let’s start with the message above – it’s obviously a mail plug-in so where better to look than in the <username>/Library/Mail/Bundles folder and sure enough there it was… DEVONMailConduit.mailbundle nestling inside. It’s then just a simple task to delete it and then relaunch to check the console and make sure it’s gone.

Next up, there’s cached data that DEVONThink Pro left behind. So, it’s off to my <username>/Library/Caches/Metadata folder and what do we find? Yes it’s a DEVONThink Pro folder – not huge, but something I don’t need, so to the trash it goes.

DEVONThink Pro scripts

DEVONThink Pro scripts

Now part of how DEVONThink Pro works is by integrating itself with various aspects of your system. This means that there will be scripts allowing you to ‘clip’ things to DEVONThink amongst other things. Sure enough, I found no less than 2 more folders and 34 DEVONThink scripts on my system, as you can see from the picture. Same treatment, ‘move to trash’!

Having done a few more checks, I think that’s all traces of DEVONThink Pro removed from my Mac. Now when I search on ‘devon’ all I see is a dictionary entry for a small county in southwestern England.

This isn’t a criticism of DEVONThink Pro, many other apps are the same – it just goes to show that when you install an app there is often a lot more to it than what gets put in your Applications folder. Software like AppZapper does help, but be prepared to get your hands dirty if you want to remove all traces of some programs. Also it’s a good idea to move the files and folders in question to a safe place and then to check your Mac is still running smoothly before finally consigning them to the trash bin… just in case!

Why don’t I use DEVONThink Pro? Well it’s a great program, it’s just that at the time it was overkill for what I needed, although I’m now re-visiting it as it happens to use as a document management platform. I’m currently using Evernote for storing all my web clippings, notes and odd bits of information. It’s free, cross-platform plus you can sync it to your iPhone after a fashion. Horses for courses though, so check ’em both out.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for this post. Very useful. I had exactly the same problem with DEVONthink Pro after trying it out. I use AppCleaner, which usually scrubs my iMac of these files but DEVONthink foiled even that.

  2. I recently started trying out AppCleaner too. It looks more sophisticated than AppZapper, and I like the history and logging features. This morning I ran both and looked at a browser plug-in for the ‘LogMeIn’ service ( and while AppCleaner found 2 files to remove, AppZapper found 4, so they obviously go about it in different ways.

    Think I may end up running both and using whichever finds the most files for the app I want to delete, just to make sure 😉

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