A (very) cheap and cheerful iPhone 3G case from Wenger

Wenger iPhone 3G Case

Wenger iPhone 3G Case

The iPhone 3G is a very sleek and tactile device which presents case manufacturers with a problem. While owners want to keep their phones looking good, a lot of cases simply don’t do the phone justice and end up looking… well just a bit naff, so you have to choose carefully.

Now Wenger make pretty good rucksacks, briefcases, laptop bags and the like, so by all accounts the Wenger iPhone 3G case has all the right credentials to be a pretty good phone case too. However, what becomes obvious when you receive your Wenger case is that the people who produce the advertising photos are very skillful and that they probably try and awful lot of cases out before they find the one that looks just right. Now to be fair to Wenger, it’s more a feature of the case design that results in something that looks cheap and cheerful and I guess for just £12 you can’t expect too much.

The case is stitched together reasonably well and by the looks of it will be pretty durable. However the ‘do everything without removing the case’ design means that dirt and debris can easily get in between the case and the phone, and as a result the phone will probably end losing its shine unless you’re very careful. You can also see from the photos that the case is nowhere near as straight, true and well-fitting as the one the advertisers use. There is noticeable over-stitching, and the aperture at the bottom that allows the dock cable to be attached just looks ugly and awkward. The case does feature a (non-removeable) belt-clip which looks secure enough for belts up to about 4cm wide, although I’d always be wary about just how risky it is to sport an expensive device like an iPhone on your belt. Lastly, while the width of the case means the phone can’t slip from side to side when inserted, the fastening strap at the top of the case on my example is much too loose and (again) looks nothing like the nice snug clip you see in the advertising shots.

Included with the case is a small lint-free cleaning cloth plus a screen protector. Again the screen protector looks to have been manufactured as cheaply as possible and has cut-out ends (see photo) that go in and around the phone speaker and on/off switch, rather than just having apertures for them. The protector is also a couple of millimetres smaller than the screen giving it a very `stuck-on’ appearance, rather than sitting almost flush with the bezel as others do.

In the end it’s difficult to be nice about this case when you see the quality, fit and finish of cases from companies such as Sena Cases or Beyzacases, but what this case does have going for it is price. If you really must have a black leather case with bright pink stitching that offers a small degree of protection, then for relatively little outlay this case will do the job. Personally, given how much the iPhone costs in the UK I’d suggest saving up a bit more and getting a case of the quality that your iPhone deserves.

(This is a copy of a review I posted on Amazon UK under the Amazon Vine program).