Do unto others as you would be done by…

There’s at least one company here in the UK that will sell you a choice of PC’s with a choice of Linux, Windows or OS X pre-installed, and they openly advertise this on their website. One assumes that they’ve at least had a brief look at Apple’s license agreement for OS X and have chosen to ignore it because they see a market for selling PCs with OS X installed. Ok, so let’s get this straight – they have presumably purchased OS X, taken delivery of the OS X media from Apple and have decided that they, the buyer, don’t see why they should honour the terms under which it is sold to them.

Fine, that’s their decision. But it’s not difficult to find a link on their site to a page called ‘T & C’, and guess what’s on that page? Yup, you’ve guessed it… Terms & Conditions that you the buyer must agree to in order to buy their products. So let’s get this straight. When you buy something from them, they expect you to adhere to their terms and conditions, however when it’s them buying something from someone, they don’t expect to adhere to any terms and conditions.

Now whether or not you agree with this whole business of 3rd parties flogging computers with OS X pre-installed, it does make you wonder – if they’re the sort of company that ignores the terms & conditions when they buy stuff, what’s to stop them doing the same when they sell stuff?

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