Quickbitz – Wireless and O2 UK

O2 UK are now offering the iPhone 3GS and no I won’t be upgrading the iPhone 3G I got in August 2008. Partly because I don’t feel the need to upgrade yet, and partly because of the quite frankly eye watering prices O2 is demanding. And what’s with this tethering charge? It’s free in Oz and yet UK customers have to pay the equivalent of another mobile broadband contract. If you’re interested there’s a Twitter petition here – one of those signatures is mine!

Talking of wireless, I read recently that Symantec have been touting the dangers of wireless keyboards. Some mean cyber-crim will sniff your wireless keyboard signals and promptly steal all your passwords and bank account details, so you have been warned. Better have your tin foil hat at the ready in case they steal your thoughts while they’re about it. I use a Bluetooth keyboard with my Mac and the signal seems to drop off at about 10-12 feet. So if someone wants to pinch my details then they’ll either need to be standing in my garden outside the study window, or they’ll have to break in next door and drill a hole through the wall to poke an aerial through. Hmmm… I think I might notice.

Netgear DGN200

Netgear DGN200

Oh and still talking of wireless, I recently replaced my ageing D-Link G624M wireless router with a Netgear DGN200 and have to say I’m really pleased with it. The D-Link would crash all too easily if stressed, but no such problems with the Netgear. What’s more, it is working fine with my Airport Extreme daisy-chained off it, plus the XBox 360 and my (quite frankly horrible) ThinkPad T60 work laptop both talk to it without a problem. Even my recalcitrant Mac Mini in the bedroom happily connects to it. I may put up a more detailed post about it, but work is so hectic at the moment finding the time is tricky. Still, if you’re a Mac user then I’d heartily recommend this router for your wireless needs.