Netgear is forgiven (sort of) and Entourage is dead, long live Entourage!

My initial joy with my new Netgear DGN2000 ADSL router gave way to disappointment as it repeatedly dropped my internet connection. At times the connection would stay up for as little as 30 seconds at a time! No amount of fiddling with settings made any difference, but the probem did eventually seem to go away, only to return with a vengeance a couple of days ago. Enough! Good as the router may be, it is obviously on the threshold as far as my BT connection was concerned and flakey connectivity just wouldn’t do seeing as I need to work from home some times.

Enter the Linksys WAG160N. A very sleek looking device to replace the misbehaving Netgear. Setup was a breeze, the Mac setup guide walked through getting setup for BT’s connection and within 5 minutes of unboxing it was all systems go…. for about 10 minutes! Then sure enough, the Linksys….. dropped my connection. Several hours of tweaking, rebooting and swearing followed before the Linksys was put back in its box and my old D-Link G624M was reconnected. So I’m back on an 802.11g MIMO router – slow but much more reliable than the other two.

My guess is that BT have done something. Why else would a router work for days then keep dropping the line every 30-60 seconds for a few hours before working again? What chance have I got of convincing BT that it’s their problem? In all honesty both the Netgear and the Linksys routers are fine, it’s just that they can’t cope with my dodgy line. What next – I have no idea.

And so on to Entourage 2008, Outlooks younger dumber brother. When I first installed Office 2008 for Mac I was full of anticipation that Entourage might be a worthwhile replacement for Outlook on the PC. How wrong I was… Entourage is probably equivalent to Outlook ’95 and while I did persist (honest I did!) I kept going back to Leopard’s native So it was with some excitement that I read that this is the end of the line for Entourage. Office 2010 for Mac is reportedly going to get Outlook – re-written from the ground up using Cocoa. Where do I sign up for the beta??!

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  1. Just when I was getting used to Entourage…

    (love the blog… keep it up) I feel I relate to you more than anyone because of our backgrounds being so similar — It’s just taken me a while to ‘make the switch’ if you will.

    — Matt

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