Quickbitz – Windows 7 Family Pack… How much?

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard - Apple Store (U.K.)Yesterday I placed my order on the Apple Store for the family pack of Snow Leopard. It will cost me the princely sum of £39 and will allow the upgrading of up to five Macs in my household (there’s just four at the moment). By contrast I read today that Microsoft has announced its pricing for the Windows 7 Premium Family Pack in the UK. It comes in at £149 and will allow you to upgrade just three PCs under the same roof.

Now whether or not you subscribe to the idea that Windows 7 is really just a bug fix for Vista, or Snow Leopard is just a series of patches for Leopard, the Snow Leopard deal seems far better given that the Windows purchaser also has to factor in the cost of a decent security suite (antivirus, antispyware, etc.) as well. 11727-windows7boxes

I am currently running two Windows VMs for personal use – one is XP SP3 which I bought back in the mists of time, the other is the RC evaluation version of Windows 7. All I use them for is to run Helium Music Manager (and I have two Eset Smart Security licenses to cover them both), but I am seriously considering whether it’s worth going any further with the Windows 7 VM or just ditching it as an expensive curiosity…

One other thing – Microsoft has said that Windows 7 Family Packs will only “be available in limited quantities”. Do they really need to resort to tactics like this to sell copies of Windows 7?