Snow Leopard Application Compatibility

This got me thinking...

This got me thinking...

I ordered Snow Leopard via the Apple Store, and despite being told it was dispatched on August 27th it still hasn’t arrived. I did hear there was (yet another) strike at Royal Mail so all I can hope for is that I get it some time before Christmas.

Anyway, it has given me a bit more time to look at things like application compatibility. Apple themselves have posted a short note on a few applications that have issues, but if you’re looking for a much more extensive and detailed list then head on over to WikiDot and the Snow Leopard Compatibility page here. It’s been put together by the Mac community and contains a lot of useful info if you haven’t already taken the plunge. If you have taken the plunge, then … you luck whatsit!

That’s probably all I’ll say about Snow Leopard for now. The web is awash with reviews, etc., so you’re probably suffering from overload like me. However, the graphic I added to this post got me thinking. Apple obviously see the Snow Leopard as symbolizing their latest OS, so the question is – if Windows 7 was an animal (bird, fish, whatever), what would it be? Have fun in the comments!

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