Xobni for Mac OS X

XobniWhen I was a Windows user (over two years ago now), I used MS Outlook 2007 as my email client together with a great plug-in called Xobni. Xobni added features that allowed you to do all sorts of clever things, analysing your mail, showing you trends, info about your contacts, searching, etc., etc.

Now that I’m (mostly) a Mail.app user, Xobni is one of the few things I miss from my Windows days. In the early stages of the beta there was talk of Xobni being made available for other platforms like OS X but the emphasis was obviously on getting the Windows version cooked first. Two years on and sadly there’s still no hint of an OS X version ever emerging. I say sadly because Xobni has some great features, plus if figures are to be believed, Mac OS X represents something approaching 9% of the desktop OS market meaning there’s a LOT of Mac users and thus potential customers out there.

So if you’re a Mac OS X user and you’d be interested in a version of Xobni for the Mac then tell them, either here or by commenting on their blog, or by emailing them, or by commenting below.Who knows, with Office 2011 for Mac on the horizon, maybe a new version of ‘Outlook for Mac’ would be just the impetus they need for a Xobni plug-in?

PS, in case you’re wondering about the name – Xobni is ‘inbox’ spelled backwards.

13 Responses

  1. do you have anything like this for mac yet?

  2. I wish they had a mac version for mac mail. I want this.

  3. Yes, pls do this. Xobni for Mac wanted here.

  4. Go Xobni Team! Just bring out a version for mac… You can do it!

  5. I want xobni for OS X/ mac also please!

  6. outlook2011 on mac!

  7. please bring out xobni for outlook 2011 on mac os x!

  8. I would definitely get this – bring it out for Outlook 2011 on Mac…!

  9. Please bring XOBNI to the Mac. I LOVE this app and am a pro user.
    Switching to a PC now …..this would be a slam dunk app for anyone on a mac using macmail or as I do, Outlook. XOBNI has increased my productivity 10 fold.
    I am a huge supporter and fan…hate to give it up. PLEASE work on a mac version

  10. Yes I too am waiting for the MAC OSX version of Xobni, after installing the iPhone version. With the ever larger number of Mac users, particularly in the creative sector this need to happen soon.

  11. Check out Mailsum – http://www.mailsum.com – pretty cool email analytics App and Yes it’s for the Mac :=)

  12. I use xobni on PC all the time and share the same sentiments of others. Please develop xobni for our macs and call it Camxobni

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