My Apple wishlist – updated

Back in September 2009, I had a rush of blood to the head and wrote a list of all the things I’d like in the Apple world. Nearly two years later I thought it would be interesting to revisit the list to see what has materialized, and what is still just a pipe dream for an Apple customer.

  1. A Logitech webcam with a microphone that supports OS X Speech Recognition – Well it just so happens that the Snow Leopard 10.6 update fixed this problem. The strange thing is, now it works I rarely use it.
  2. A ‘watch folder(s)’ feature in iTunes – Still just a pipe dream.
  3. Better (more intelligent) integration of OS X ‘Spaces’ on dual-monitor setups – Nothing really has changed here unless you want to use 3rd party software.
  4. An iPhone with a user-changeable battery – Was I really that naive?
  5. iPhones available on any UK network – Yes, it’s happened. In the UK you aren’t tied to O2 any more. The downside? Most carriers want an 18 or 24 month lock-in, and the (real) costs are going up.
  6. An AT&T client for OS X – Yep, I’m still dreaming. There’s no sign of this.
  7. A choice of reasonably priced USB/Firewire add-in cards for the Mac Pro – It’s still a lottery as to what’s available and whether it’s compatible.
  8. A second CPU upgrade option for Mac Pro users with (only) one 4-core processor – No way. No how. (Sadly).
  9. A Mac Mini with easily upgradeable RAM and that supports more than 2Gb – Well I guess the latest generation all aluminium Mac Mini answers that one.
  10. A Blu-Ray DVD upgrade for the Mac Pro – Nope, that’s still in the ‘bag of hurt’ category.
  11. An end to the $1 = £1 exchange rate on technology products (OK, maybe I pushed the scope of this list a little bit) – As if that’ll ever end.
  12. Outlook to MobileMe syncing in Windows, WITHOUT having to install iTunes – Silly of me really.
  13. Colour-coded categories in iCal – No sign, but then I have switched to BusyCal which is a far better proposition.
  14. Better control of Time Machine built-in to OS X (I know you can get 3rd party add-ons, but this really should be built-in) – it still does what it mysteriously does. At least it works.
  15. Better login support for mapping SMB shares, not this Login Items bodge – Things haven’t changed, but at least there is a relatively easy Automator solution.
  16. A proper tree view in Finder. (I use Mac Rage, but it’s not ideal) – Hah, as if Apple would ever add this to Finder. Mind you, I now use Path Finder as my default Finder.
  17. A two or even three button mouse made by Apple! – Nope, but I did get my wish for a trackpad, so I’ll shut up.
  18. An Apple wireless keyboard with the same key layout as the wired one – Come on Apple, I’m still waiting. Well actually I’m not, I went and bought a Logitech diNovo for Mac wireless keyboard.
  19. At least one eSATA port on the Mac Pro – Academic now really seeing as a new Mac Pro is waaaaayyyyy out of my budget.
  20. And finally (for now)… an Apple PVR/Blu-Ray DVD Recorder that supports DiVX, mp3, DVBT, FreeSat, has HDMI 1.3a, etc., etc., …and the bank balance to buy such a monster! – There I really was dreaming, but who knows what’s next for Apple TV?