How to make money… (like that’s new!)

Another “I make $25,000 a month, buy my book to share my secret” scam?

No, that would be too EASY! No, to make a mint and to win the gratitude of thousands of Mac users worldwide, all you need do is come up with two little utilities.

1. A program that allows you to convert an Outlook .pst file and assorted settings, into an Entourage 2008 ‘database’.

2. A program that safely backups your Entourage 2008 database (without you having to worry about the Microsoft Database Daemon) or to simply archive selected emails off to a separate database.

The only obstacle in your way is that you probably won’t get much co-operation from Microsoft in achieving this task. But if you do manage either of these then let me know, I’ll be a beta tester and your first paying customer!