Entourage and Google Calendar, all sync’ed up

UPDATE 25/May/10 – Unfortunately since I wrote this article, Calgoo no longer offer the Calgoo Connect utility. I have now written a new article on how to use Spanning Sync to keep Entourage and Google in sync. You can find the new article HERE.

UPDATE 19/Oct/09 – To all the people who have upgraded to Snow Leopard, which causes Calgoo Connect to break. The problem appears to relate to a difference between the version of Java that ships with Snow Leopard and the version of Java that Calgoo Connect expects. Calgoo have not yet responded with a Snow Leopard compatible version of Connect, but there does appear to be a workaround which is to install an earlier version of Java. I will investigate this and post a ‘how to’ in a separate article (if I can make it work!)

In the meantime, there’s a very good article here that tells you how to install the Leopard version of Java if you want to give it a try.

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The following is a short walkthrough I’ve made in response to a question someone raised about being able to sync Entourage with Google calendar, the idea being that if you use Entourage at work you can post a calendar entry there and then view it on gCal when you get home (and vice versa).

The short answer is ‘yes’ and all you need is Calgoo Connect (currently v2.1.3) which you can download from the Calgoo website (you’ll need to register for the download, but it’s FREE). The long and boring answer is as follows…

Ok, we’ll assume you’ve already downloaded and installed Calgoo Connect on the Mac where you’ve got Entourage installed. Now the thing to remember here is that you’ll actually be using iCal on the same Mac as a ‘conduit’ for getting Entourage and gCal to talk with each other. Doesn’t mean you need to be an iCal user, just so long as it’s in the background doing it’s thing. This is what you need to do.

  1. Open Entourage and go to Preferences. From the preferences list choose Sync Services and make sure you have the option to ‘Synchronize events and tasks with iCal and .Mac‘ ticked. This will automatically create an Entourage calendar inside iCal. You can easily test this bit by creating a calendar entry in Entourage then opening iCal and checking that your new entry appears in the Entourage calendar under iCal. (Don’t worry if you don’t have a .Mac account, that bit is ignored if you don’t have one).
  2. Next, you need to decide which of your gCal calendars you want to sync Entourage with (that’s if you have more than one gCal calendar). For the purposes of making this article clearer, I created a gCal calendar called Entourage, alongside my default calendar.
  3. Ok, launch CalGoo Connect and click on the little icon bottom left that looks like a purple and an orange arrow on top of a calendar.
  4. Chose what sort of connector you want to create, in this case it’ll be ‘Sync an Apple iCal Calendar with a Google Calendar‘.
  5. Give your new connector a name. I called mine ‘iCal <-> gCal’ but beware that special characters like ‘<‘ aren’t actually a good idea as they get mangled when Calgoo displays them back to you. (Bug?). A better name might be ‘iCal – gCal’.
  6. Now you’ll be prompted for which iCal calendar you want to sync. This is where you’ll want to specify your Entourage calendar in iCal.
  7. Then you’re asked to supply your Google Mail credentials so that Calgoo Connect can access your calendar(s) to see what’s there (and do the sync’ing).
  8. Once you’ve done that you should see a window asking you which Google calendar you want to sync with. Again in my case I chose the calendar in Google that I’d specially created for sync’ing with Entourage, but you could just as easily use your default Google calendar for example.
  9. Now you’ll get a confirmation window that summarizes what you’ve chosen. If you’re happy just click the ‘Next’ button.
  10. The last step lets you do a sync straight away or just save the connector for later use (or modify the connector).

And that is pretty much that. As you’ll see from the gallery below, I tested this out by creating a new calendar entry in Entourage which, after sync’ing using Calgoo Connect, appeared in Google calendar – and it works both ways so you can create something in gCal and it’ll sync across to Entourage. Of course you can set Calgoo Connect to sync automatically at a particular interval, e.g. every hour.

So next time you need to need to type something into Entourage and see it appear in gCal, this will do the trick. Alternatively, if the other half nags you to book a day off so you can go shopping for shoes with her, you can create a reminder for yourself in gCal at home and it’ll pop up in your Entourage calendar at work (or wherever) so that you can then plead with your boss for some time off… or not, as the case may be! 😉

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  1. Woohoo! I’ve been looking for this for quite some time now. I appreciate the head’s up.

  2. Thank you for your article, it is a life saver, I’ve been looking for an answer for so long! Thanks!

  3. Fan-tas-tic. Just what I was looking for.
    I now want to sync my google Cal with my BlackBerry so I do not need to sync it with my Mac … Thanks a million.

    • From your BlackBerry, go to m.google.com/sync and it will point you to the Google Sync app that will let you sync you calendar, email and contacts on your BB with your Google acct

  4. Thanks for this how-to. I am planning to get a G1 and wow, this makes life so much easier and was a question I had.

    Thanks again,


  5. well done ! excellent how to and great solution !

  6. Calgoo connect Mac download may have moved location and not updated on their site. However, I found it in the directory below:


  7. I am trying to figure out a way to synch my BB to my Mac that uses Entourage 2004 for Contacts/Calendar/Notes. Do you have any suggestions ?
    I am sick of the duplicates that Pocketmac and Missing Synch give. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

  8. You’ve saved me the hassle on using an exchange app for the g-phone – which is much more trouble than its worth…thanks for great advice…and well done calgoo…

  9. What versions of Entourage, iCal, and Calgoo did you use.
    I’m using Entourage 2008 for MAC 12.1.5, iCal 3.0.6, and Calgoo 2.1.3 and Calgoo shows entourage won’t sync to google, and their support site says Entourage changes the records in iCal so they can no longer be synced – maybe just fails on recurring events?

  10. This is awesome. Works perfectly and easy to set up. Thanks for the assistance. Your step by step was perfect.

  11. TOTALLY awesome. Have needed to do this for ages… works like a dream (and I’m only on Entourage 2004). Thanks 🙂

  12. Brilliant! Thanks for your post!

  13. This is really great. Finally getting everything to work together. Now to teach everyone else in the office. Thanks!

  14. Thank you so much for this!

  15. Thank you very much! this is great! I’m finally synchronized.

  16. Fantastically helpful!

  17. Thanks a bunch for this! I have an exchange account at work, and I have to use Entourage to manage meetings and scheduling and stuff. But I also like to use google Calendars so my wife and I can manage our schedules colaboratively (we both have iPhones).

    So I just sync my Entourage exchange calendar to iCal via the Entourage preferences, then use Calgoo like you said to sync that “Entourage” calendar to my gCal. Entourage and the gCal appear to sync perfectly, as long as Calgoo is running (I set it to sync every 5 minutes). The only weird thing is that the “Entourage” calendar as viewed in iCal does not seem to change. . . however a change made in Entourage appears in my gCal after a calgoo sync, and vice versa. This sync must go through that “Entourage” calendar in iCal, so I have no idea why it doesn’t appear to reflect any changes when viewed in iCal. Still, since Entourage–>Google was the sync I cared about, and that appears to be successful, I just don’t view the “Entourage” calendar in iCal.

    Since I do like to use iCal sometimes, I took the following extra step: I used Calaboration CalDAV to sync the google calendar (the one that is being synced to the “Entourage” iCal calendar) BACK to iCal. (I know that this should look identical to the “Entourage” iCal calendar, but it doesn’t.) This works fine. Now I can make changes to that calendar in iCal, Entourage, gCal, or my iPhone (which I have synced to my gCal using nuevasync), and my wife can see those changes on her iPhone too, since she subscribes to my gCal. Of course, the Entourage->gCal part only syncs when my computer (and calgoo) is running, which means that my fellow exchange users at work don’t see changes I make to my calendar when I’m on the go unless my computer and calgoo are running, since the Entourage–>gCal sync is done using iCal on my mac, and so that can only happen when my mac and calgoo are running. Still I don’t foresee this being too big of a problem.

    I’ve heard rumors that the new version of iCal that comes with Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6) will somehow have better support for exchange calendars, so that might eliminate some of these steps/connections in the future, but for now this setup works fine. And it’s free!

  18. Wonderful! After much searching I happened across this posting and was pleasantly surprised that it explains exactly how to do what I wanted to do!

  19. sweet program….thanks for all your help !!!!

  20. Hi
    I have many many ‘categories’ in Entourage,
    How do I sync them all?
    Or can Calgoo only sync one category?

  21. Nice BUT,

    how do I get to sync my alarms and notifications?

    I used to sync my Entourage calendar directly with my iPhone and had my alarms both on my Mac and my phone, which is what I actually want and need.
    Direct online sync is huge advantage for me, but without alarms and notifications I am pretty much lost in my jungle of schedules…

    I figured out that you can set standard alarms in the Google calendar preferences, but what about the individually set ones?

    Does anyone have the have the same problem and maybe a solution for that?

    • I’m having the same problem. Notifications (e.g., 15 min in advance) is setup in Entourage and also works fine in iCal. But the Google Calendar events do not have alarms/notifications enabled.

      Anyone have a fix?

  22. I was happily using this solution (Entourage 2008 – iCal – CalgooConnect – Google…all on 10.5.6) for about a month and a half at work and then syncing my Google Calendar with the iPhone app Pocket Informant. Seemed like there should really be a more straightforward way of doing this but, hey, it worked. Then one day the wheels fell off. Calgoo started failing and, in Connector Details, indicated under the Entourage step that “there was an error synchronizing this Calendar.”

    Nothing I can come up with is fixing this so I’m currently not getting the sync at all and I no longer have my work calendar in my pocket with me.

    Clearly something’s become corrupted. Any ideas about how to fix it would be most appreciated! : )


    • Hmmm, I’m not sure what the problem is but there’s a couple of things you could try. (This assumes that your Entourage calendar on the Mac is at least ok).

      1. Delete the connector in Calgoo for your Entourage – Google calendars, then create a new one. That should ‘reset’ the view that Calgoo has of the two calendars. Note, you should probably configure Calgoo to remove duplicates if you do this.

      2. If that doesn’t work, you could also try deleting your Entourage calendar in Google (not on the Mac). Then create a new Entourage calendar in Google and delete and re-create a new connector in Calgoo, again making sure you configure it to remove duplicates.

      You can always test the effects of a sync by narrowing the time period you do a sync for.

  23. Thanks a lot for this. I’d been syncing iCal with my GCal for some time but having to enter details into both Entourage and iCal was a complete pain in the behind.

    It’s going to be really handy being able to view my work and personal commitments on my G1 phone through GCal 🙂

  24. Thank you for this. I just attempted to set this up and when I start up the Calgoo Connector I get the following error:
    “Sorry, Calgoo has encountered an error and will now shut down”. I am running Snow Leopard, are you aware of any issues with the latest version of OS X? I was unable to find any info on the Calgoo website.
    Thank you!

  25. I am receiving the same error as the above poster. Currently running 10.6.1.

  26. I got the same problem

    Sorry! Calgoo has encountered an error and will now shut down.

    With OSX 10.6.1

    Anyone can help?

    Thank you very much.

  27. Hi there,

    about the OSX 10.6.1 issue, I have found the temporary way to work out the problem


    As in the page, the problem is the incompatibility of the recent version of Calgoo and built in JAVA 1.0.6

    That mean if you install JAVA 1.0.5 .. the Calgoo will work properly.

    Hope this help.

  28. thank you thank you thank you!

  29. PS–I’m going to live on this blog now…

  30. Thanks man, I really needed this flick. Cheers.

  31. I’m so lucky to have found this immediately upon looking for a ‘how the heck do you do this and why isn’t this working” solution.

    This was great and well-explained. Thanks so much!

  32. The problem with this method though…..when you sync iCal to Entourage you will constantly have issues….like meetings will occasionally drop off.

  33. Thanks for this! Perfect.

  34. Worked like a charm, thanks for the tip.


  35. Ditto all the above comments – I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve wasted looking for just this type of solution. Well done.

    I’ll be nominating MacBitz for a Nobel Prize. Any one of them, I don’t care. You deserve it!

  36. hi, thanks for the awesome tutorial! quick question…i did exactly as i was instructed (or so i thought), but all my appointments/events changed times…they are not in the right time/date…help!

  37. Calgoo Connect’s site no longer lists the Mac versions of the software – only the XP and Vista exe.

  38. I can’t find a copy of calgoo connect for mac anywhere, any ideas?

  39. As people have pointed out, Calgoo no longer link to the Mac version of their software on their website.

    You can grab a copy of the last version I had here at Drop-io – http://drop.io/hinjxtw/asset/calgoo-connect-2-1-3-mac-dmg

    1. Obviously you use Calgoo Connect at your own risk. While it worked fine for me, I’m not the software author and so can’t make any guarantees so backup your calendar before using it.
    2. I used Calgoo with Leopard 10.5.x and Snow Leopard 10.6.x using the workaround at the top of the blog post. Obviously your mileage may vary.
    3. Calgoo Connect on the Mac may not be supported by Calgoo any more, they may even ask me to remove the link, who knows.
    4. Unfortunately I can’t respond to individual queries to help.

  40. Thanks for the link!

    When I tried to sign up for an account on the installation wizard it linked to a dead page, do you have to have an account to use it?

  41. great set of links and suggestions thank you

    is there any mileage in switching to ical and Mail instead of using entourage? I very rarely use any of its features beyond calendar and email

  42. i am not technologically savvy at all so please forgive my ignorance but when i downloaded this it says it’s a windows application. i don’t have windows on my mac… is there a mac version for this or do i just download it anyway?

    • Unfortunately there’s no longer a Mac version of Calgoo Connect. I have written a new article about how to use Spanning Sync to sync Entourage with Google, there’s a link at the top of this blog post.

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